Documenting our journey to Afford Free Time.

This blog is all about helping you achieve financial freedom by simplifying your life, creating mindsets shifts and pursuing entrepreneurship. The goal: have more time to do what really matters to YOU!

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This blog is all about downsizing, mindset shift and entrepreneurship to help you achieve financial freedom and have more time to do what really matters to YOU!

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Recent Posts

You are your best investment

When we hear about investment, we often think of real estate, stock market or cryptocurrencies.  But, what if the first thing you should invest in to reach a freer, happier and joyful life is YOU?  What if helping your brain

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Review

Rich Dad Poor Dad is the book that will put you on the path of investing more and learning personal finance literacy. In fact, it is a classic in terms of a personal finance book! Reading books, blog posts and

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How to declutter and live clutter-free

In 2019, we decided to sell our house and travel across Canada. We planned to put all our belongings in storage so we needed to drastically declutter. It was a case of extreme decluttering but the process we went through

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Profile Marianne and Kevin

We are Marianne and Kevin. We downsized our belongings, shifted our mindset and got into entrepreneurship. We want to share it all with you!


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