A journey to time freedom: a little bit about us.

Do you dream about financial, location and time freedom? We want to share with you our journey to get there!

Hi, we are Marianne and Kevin. We created this blog to share our journey to afford free time through entrepreneurship and mindset change.

In August 2019, our daughter turned 1 and something changed. We wanted more time and more freedom. We decided to sell our house, downsize all our belongings and find solutions to get more free time.

Fast forward to end of 2021, we’ve tried a lot of things. We want to share our journey to help others (like you maybe) reach their goals and dreams through mindset change, entrepreneurship and to learn that “everything is figureoutable” (as per Marie Forleo’s book).

Fasten your seatbelt because it is not an easy journey! Get ready for a lot of ups and downs, a lot of trials and errors but overall, a lot of learning!

In two and a half years, we sold our house and bought a trailer, we moved 4 times in 7 months while having a second baby and all during a global pandemic. In the meantime, we tried dropshipping, affiliate marketing and created an etsy shop as well as almost bought a 20 units apartment building… There is a lot to share and we hope you’ll like to follow along!

We are here to share all this and more with you! If you want to learn more about downsizing, mindset shifts, entrepreneurship, investments and real estate, follow us on social media and/or signup to our newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or comments, we always love to chat and share experiences!

A journey to time freedom: a little bit about us.

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