AI Marketing dashboard tour

AI Marketing is an online advertising platform that enables investors to make money through cashback from the product sales of their various partners. Combining marketing with artificial intelligence allows to generate on average between 25% and 35% returns for the investors.

In this article, I will take you on an AI Marketing dashboard tour, explaining the ins and outs of the most important sections of the dashboard.


Cashback card
  • Ads Balance: amount deposited waiting to go in the Advertising Budget (takes ~2 days)
  • Your Cashback: cashback available to reinvest or to withdraw
  • Pending: cashback pending approval from aggregators (on average, it takes ~30 days but depends on each aggregator)

Previous Campaign

This section will only appear on accounts that were created before the blacklisting of the website by the Russian Federation in July 2021.

For more details on what happened, this article outlines the event in more detail.

Previous campaign
  • Unspent: advertising budget – budget spent + ads balance
  • Your Cashback: previous cashback available + previous PRTN + failed withdrawals
  • Pending: previous pending amount (currently frozen due to blacklistage)

If you reinvested in your robot

  • Protect pending: 22.5% (half) of AI Marketing’s 45% shares of the cashback
  • Protect available: pending until validated by aggregators


This section lists all individual sales generated by the advertising campaigns of your robot.

Sales section
  • Date of sale: date the individual sale was made
  • Aggregator: merchant from which the sale was made
  • Sale amount: total amount of the sale
  • Cashback rate: percentage of the sale that will be earned in cashback
  • Your Cashback: your portion of the cashback (55% of the total cashback)
  • Deduction: AI Marketing’s portion of the cashback (45% of the total cashback)
  • Await: estimate of the period in which the cashback will be pending until it turns to “Approved”
  • Status: current status of the cashback (Pending or Approved)

Example of a cashback calculation:

The last row of the table above from the aggregator “Agoda”:

  • Total sale amount = $50.33
  • Cashback rate = 6%
  • Your cashback = ($50.33 x 6%) x 55% = $3.02 x 55% = $1.66
  • Deduction = ($50.33 x 6%) x 45% = $3.02 x 45% = $1.36


stats section

Top panel

  • Views: number of ads created by the robot have been seen
  • Visitors: number of visitors clicked on the ad to visit
  • Sales: number of sales have been generated from the visits
  • Advertising Budget: total amount of advertising budget
  • Amount spent: amount spent by the robot so far to generate ads
  • Profits: percentage of profits calculated the following way: (Cashback – Advertising budget) / Advertising budget
  • Cashback: total cashback generated


  • Date: one day per line
  • Views: number of ads views on that day
  • Visitors: number of visitors on that day
  • Sales: number of sales on that day
  • Amount: amount of sales on that day
  • Cashback: amount of cashback generated on that day

Top Up

This section is to deposit funds into your AI Marketing account.

For more details, this article outlines how to make a deposit on your account.


This section is to withdraw funds from the AI Marketing account.

For more details, this article outlines how to make a withdrawal from your account.


My advertising: Overview of your robot including it status, the cashback generated, the advertising budget, your profit and a daily graph of the cashback generated

Cashback Card pre-order: Pre-order form for a physical cashback card. (This process is on hold since the event of summer 2021).

Ai.Assistant: Automatic calling feature to advertise the platform to your contact list (under development).

Online Cashback: If you are shopping at one of the aggregators, you can generate a link that you can share or use to generate cashback from a purchase.

Offline Cashback: Claim cashback from an offline purchase you made at one of the aggregators.

My Marketing: Create a link/landing page with your personal affiliate code to share with your friends.

Cashback: Statistics of the “5%” cashback generated by your affiliate that used the gift certificate.

AI Marketing Dashboard tour

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