How to deposit fund on AI Marketing

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to deposit funds on AI Marketing.

AI Marketing is a online advertising platform that enables investors to make money through cashback from the product sales of their various partners. Combining marketing with artificial intelligence allows to generate on average between 25% and 35% returns for the investors.

Deposit Methods available

AI Marketing offers multiple ways to deposit funds.

  • Cashback
  • Credit Card
  • Mir Card
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • PerfectMoney


This the profit that you made on AI Marketing that are available to be withdrawn. You can select them to top up your ads balance.

Credit Card

You can also top up using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Maestro) but it is a russian payment gateway and there is a chance that your bank, if you are not from Russia, might block the transaction. I know my canadian credit card didn’t work. Personally, I also prefer to avoid giving out my credit card information.

Mir Card

A russian payment system to electronically transfer funds based on their national payment system.

Cryptocurrencies (Recommended)

AI Marketing offers 4 ways to deposit funds in cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USDT (ERC-20) and USDT (TRC-20). This is my preferred way to deposit funds as it is the easiest and most convenient way for me.


PerfectMoney is an internet payment system similar to Paypal. Personally, I don’t use it because the user interface is terrible.

Deposit with USDT (TRC20)

The only prerequisites are a Binance account and some USDT available there. The procedure is the same if you use another cryptocurrency exchange or a wallet. If you don’t have any yet, this article will show you how to register a Binance account.

  1. Click the “Top up” tab on the left menu bar
  2. Fill the amount you would like to deposit
  3. Select the method of payment in the dropdown (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether ERC-20 or USDT Tron TRC20)
  4. Click the “PAY” button
  5. Copy the wallet address

Go to your cryptocurrency wallet or exchange

  • Select the coin
  • Paste the destination address
  • Select the appropriate network
  • Enter the amount you put in the “Top up” section of AI Marketing and add the fees of the network
  • Click the Withdraw button

The transaction will be processed on the blockchain after some time.

Once AI Marketing receives the funs the invoice status will turn to “Success” and the funds will be added to the “Ads Balance”.

The amount will stay some time in the “Ads Balance”. It will appear in the “Advertising Budget” after some time and the bot will start using it.

Note that while I sent $100, my ads balance is showing $110. That is because AI Marketing was running a 10% bonus promotion when you deposit funds using USDT (TRC-20).

Interested in Signing up

If you are interested in signing up to AI Marketing, this article outlines the step by step process to register an account.

How to Deposit funds on AI Marketing

2 thoughts on “How to Deposit funds on AI Marketing

  • November 14, 2021 at 11:21 am

    Hi ,

    I added 200$ 7 days ago still I am seeing my robot status as OFF only , is this expected???

    I am concerned as my 100$ got scammed

    • November 17, 2021 at 1:04 pm

      I’m having the same issue with my reinvestments.
      They currently have an issue with their payment system which includes transferring the deposited funds to the robot.
      They are working on fixing it. For more real time news, you can join our discord server


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